Starting Relationships and How We Can Help

With our team of exceptional Family Lawyers, we can help and guide you with all legal issues that relate to families starting out, including cohabiting, getting married, and children.


If you think you may need our legal services, we offer a FREE half hour meeting at our Salisbury, Southampton, Poole or Winchester office with one of our top family lawyers. This is an opportunity for you to understand more about your legal position and to meet the family lawyer who will be looking after you. It also gives us the chance to gain an insight into your circumstances.

We understand that family related legal matters are often highly sensitive – and having a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and confident is of paramount importance when dealing with these issues. That is why we offer the first half hour meeting for free.

We offer an ‘out of hours’ service for all family law clients who might need legal advice outside of regular office hours and we can always arrange a time when it is more convenient for you to speak.