Family Law Mediation

In the context of family law mediation is a way of solving family disputes that will help you to avoid court. At Trethowans we provide a comprehensive mediation service that can help you settle your issues without the stress and expense of a court case.

Mediation is a flexible process which can be used to settle disputes over money, property, possessions or the arrangements for the children no matter how straightforward or complex. Each mediation session will be led by a mediator – a completely impartial figure whose key aim is to help the parties reach acceptable solutions. Mediators do not make judgements and are trained to listen to both points of view. Mediators will not advise either party to ensure impartiality but can provide information in relation to the law to help the couple to make informed decisions. Mediation takes place in a neutral setting to put the couple at ease.

It is important to remember that mediation is a confidential and voluntary process and can only take place if both parties agree.